Citizen Connect

Citizen Connect automates the information needs of a city council and their constituents. Constituents often struggle to understand what services are available to them, who their representatives are, and why they should care. Citizen Connect gives them a responsive interface that makes 311 data about their neighborhood, and other popular information, available and accessible. It surfaces information around public services, community facilities, and citizen inquiries in a user-friendly mobile-responsive format. Citizen Connect even allows citizens to sign-up for alerts when something they care about changes.

Connect constituents with key information about the services they rely on, provide alerts, community-level analysis, and guided exploration of information that affects their daily lives.

Give citizens an easy way to see, in context, key information from your open data portal

Allow business owners, citizens, and neighborhood activists to sign up for alerts about services and incidents that matter to them, in their own neighborhoods

Give policymakers quick access to information about service delivery in their districts, including the ability to monitor 311 calls in real-time


Change from a model where your constituent has to go searching for the answers they’re looking for. Allow them to create alerts to allow insights to come to them, or utilize our interactive embeds to engage citizens in way that makes sense to them.

District View

Give elected officials and internal managers the ability to break down multiple datasets by geographic area, making oversight more efficient and effective. Citizen Connect automatically works on district lines and can be filtered and embedded to provide a lens into a single region or district.

Accessibility and Mobile Responsiveness

Whether you are in a council meeting and need to quickly find a fact or want to share information to the public, Citizen Connect’s easy-to-use, mobile-responsive interface allows anyone to pull up information about local service delivery at any time on any device.

Citizen Connect Customers

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Chattanooga City Insider
St. Petersburg Citizen Connect
Miami Dade Citizen Connect

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