Capital Projects Explorer

Capital Projects Explorer is an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy dashboard that demystifies a government agency’s spending on capital projects. Now a capital projects portfolio can come alive, allowing citizens to explore their neighborhoods, examine projects in progress, and see their tax dollars at work. It offers a simple, accessible, and mobile-responsive experience that allows internal administrators and members of the public alike to better understand timelines and budgets for repairs and new construction.

Capital Projects Explorer is an asset across your organization – wherever there is a project with a timeline, budget, and geography to show.

Easily examine and share project details internally and with constituents

Demonstrate progress on bond measures with direct ties to projects across your jurisdiction

Show important program milestones

Provide instant access to real-time grant project details for elected officials and citizens


Instead of putting out information in a static format like a PDF or spreadsheet, you can make your portfolio come alive as an interactive dashboard, allowing citizens to explore their neighborhoods, examine projects in progress, and see their tax dollars at work.

Continually Updated Information

Instead of static or periodic reports, publish up-to-date information to your public and internal managers, allowing them to easily find timely answers to questions about the nature and status of your capital projects portfolio.

Accessibility and Mobile Responsiveness

Whether you are in a council meeting and need to pull up an answer on the fly, or want to share information with the public, the Capital Projects Explorer’s simple, easy-to-use interface allows staff and executive leadership to access information on their agency’s capital projects portfolio on any device, at any time.

Add Context to the Data

Don’t just publish the total amount spent, or a complex spreadsheet. Give your project rich details by including images of your projects, links to their websites, and more.

Monitoring your capital projects portfolio, quickly identifying projects that are running over time or over budget.

Building public support for a new bond measure or levy

Explaining to policymakers, the media, and other key stakeholders the entire scope of a public works or transportation portfolio

Consolidating Capital Projects (also known as CIP, Capital Improvement Plan) expenditures and status updates between multiple departments, allowing government-wide visibility into all upcoming and in-progress construction projects

Capital Projects Explorer Customers

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Alpharetta Project Dashboard

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