How WSDOT Employees Track Transportation Goals on Results WA

January 9, 2018 9:00 am PST | Data as a Service

When the state of Washington put together Results WA, a public dashboard designed to track progress on a number of important state goals and initiatives, officials hoped to bridge the gap of communication between government and citizens. Aside from keeping citizens informed of projects related to health and safety, transportation, and economic improvement, Results WA is also used by internal employees as a tool to aid with performance measurement and data analysis.

Employees of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), for example, can take advantage of numerous features of the Results WA public dashboard.


Results WA public dashboard


A public dashboard like Results WA allows employees to accomplish the following:


1. Access Accurate Data

With a dashboard like Results WA, internal employees have access to the most up-to-date data at all times. Employees can streamline reporting and map performance to strategic outcomes quickly and efficiently. For example, imagine an employee needs to measure performance on a goal like Traffic Safety. They can go to the Results WA dashboard and select the corresponding category:


health and safety - results WA


And then choose the goal related to traffic safety:


traffic safety - results WA


From there, the person has access to accurate data and visualization tools:



The dashboard allows employees to dig into the data and the individual metrics that encompass the overall goal of traffic safety.


2. Measure, Track, and Share Data Broadly

Data is more powerful if you can tell compelling stories with it. With Results WA, creating engaging data visualizations is much easier for Washington staffers. Let’s say you are tasked with analyzing progress on a clean transportation initiative. A quick glance at the corresponding page on Results WA shows you the goal is on track.


Clean Transportation - Results WA


Now, you can go into the data to create visualizations.


Clean Transportation Visualization - Results WA


Simply choose the option to explore the data and you have visualization tools at your fingertips.


Configure Visualization - Results WA


This tool helps make data analysis more efficient and engaging, enabling you to create the chart or graph that highlights the story in the data.


3. Prioritize and Enable Data-Driven KPIs

Data is essential to efficient goal-setting and decision making. With a dashboard like Results WA, transportation employees can learn how current operations impact KPIs. When employees dig into the data, they’re better able to save money, time, and resources.

For example, a WSDOT staffer might want to learn more about contributing factors to traffic accidents. By digging into the data, they can see that of the 537 traffic-related fatalities, alcohol or drugs contributed to 277 of those deaths. Now, that staffer has a starting place for developing strategies for reducing the number of accidents caused by drug and alcohol abuse.

By enabling employees to work directly with the data, governments open the door to new innovation and smarter strategies for reaching their goals. Plus, workers are able to perform their jobs with more efficiency and a renewed focus on data-driven decision making.

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