What Works Cities Welcomes Latest Open Data All-stars

March 21, 2016 12:00 pm PST | Data as a Service, Data Rockstars

Earlier this month, the What Works Cities initiative announced their latest round of participants, which included open data all-stars: Raleigh, Boston, and Little Rock. They are joining a growing number of leading What Works Cities like Kansas City, Mo., Jackson, Miss., and New Orleans, La., that are working with Socrata to meet their goals of being more open, efficient, and data driven.  


Raleigh is well known for its innovative uses of city data and deep ties to their local developer community. Their open data program already features more than 300 datasets and 900 visualizations. Through the What Works program, Raleigh will be working to strategically identify data that improves city decision making and improves resident’s quality of life.

Little Rock

The announcement of Little Rock’s participation in the What Works Cities couldn’t have been better timed, as they recently launched their city’s open data site and are now working to advance and improve the city’s performance management program. An important goal of the city is to make it easy for anyone to see their progress on priority goals.




Boston has been at the forefront of the open data movement for years, publishing strategically important data sets covering everything from crime, city services, housing, permitting, and even farmers markets. They have also been a national leader in humanizing complex financial data like the city’s budget and expenses.

Boston, Little Rock, and Raleigh are at the forefront of data-driven government in the United States, and Socrata is committed to working side-by-side with these city leaders and their What Works Cities partners to ensure their continued success as they develop new best practices that their peers will be learning from in the coming months and years.

Looking to start a performance management program in your city? Kate Bender, Deputy Performance Officer for Kansas City, Mo., along with Socrata’s Chris Rieth, shares best practices for running a performance measurement program in this on-demand webinar.


watch the webinar


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