Webinar Video: Help Citizens Understand Government Finances

April 18, 2014 9:35 am PST | Effective Governing

When it comes to published datasets, the public is almost always most interested in datasets having to do with money. From government budgets and spending, to contracts and beyond, these financial datasets are extremely popular. Because they are often so large, however, these datasets can also be difficult for the everyday citizen to sift through and understand.

For that reason, we have dedicated a large part of our work at Socrata to creating apps to help governments and citizens work together to understand these tricky and complicated financial matters. Earlier this month, we launched our new suite of financial transparency apps. To introduce these apps, and discuss why financial transparency matters to citizens and should matter to government, we are proud to offer this webinar.

This webinar discusses three main topics. First, Kalin and Hollister break down the importance of true financial transparency. Second, we talk about the ease of the applications being built to help governments accomplish their financial transparency goals. Finally, the webinar ends with a live demo of the Socrata Open Budget app.

Watch the webinar and leave a comment if you have any questions about these apps or about the importance of financial transparency in government. We will answer your questions at our next webinar on May 15th, when we sit down with Montgomery County, Maryland to discuss their experience in creating these apps with Socrata.

Note: The above webinar is no longer available, but here is a webinar you might enjoy:

Building Transparent Government Through Open Financial Data

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