Voxly: Offering Local Governments a Better Way to Inform and Serve Citizens

May 7, 2018 9:22 am PST | Data as a Service

As voice-enabled devices are becoming commonplace in many American homes the growth has opened a new avenue to obtain information. Voxly seeks to leverage this new avenue to provide a system for local governments to communicate with their community members.

To aid with this transition, Voxly has been created to simplify the creation and management of voice assistant services. Compatible with the Socrata platform, Voxly uses a local government’s datasets along with the SODA (Socrata Open Data API), to search information and relay it back to individuals. Questions can be defined by what can be asked and how that information is searched, allowing for a limitless amount of results.

Voxly is made up of two parts, an Alexa skill that utilizes voice-enabled technology and a web-based management system. As Voxly’s Alexa skill is able to simplify information communicated to citizens, Voxly’s management system is compatible with the Socrata platform to relay information and collect data concerning public questions. A municipality is then able to gather data from users, allowing them to tailor communication to better meet their community’s needs.

To learn more please visit voxly.io.

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