Two Wheels and Data: Bike Month Datasets from Cities

May 23, 2018 9:38 am PST | Data as a Service

Grab your helmet, because May is National Bike Month!

Throughout the U.S. and Canada, bicyclists dedicate a day, week, or even a month to biking to work. What’s all the hype about, and what data can your city provide to help you take full advantage of this national celebration?

Biking to work helps the environment. It’s considered by most to be an almost zero-emission form of transportation. And, it’s a great form of exercise. Cities full of active people can expect happier residents, higher productivity, and fewer sick days.

But, perhaps the best part of biking its role in reducing traffic congestion. And, you can save on gas and parking.

Want to help you town increase its human-powered, two-wheeled transport? Here are some examples of bicycle-related datasets released by major cities around the globe:

Cambridge Bike Data

Bike Facilities in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Take a look at this map of Cambridge to see which streets throughout the city have pavement markings or construction features that facilitate bicycle use.


Calgary Park & Bike Map

Park and Bike Map of Calgary, Canada

Avoid downtown parking fees, exercise regularly, bypass traffic congestion, and discover Calgary’s river pathways and bikeways.


NYC Open Data Bike Map

Bike Parking Shelters in New York City, New York

Now that you’ve biked to work, where can you safely park your bike? Locate all NYC bike park shelters on one map.


Melbourne Bike Share Stations

Bike Share Station Map in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Bike Share is a joint RACV/Victorian Government bicycle hire system. This map contains the locations of all of the bike share pods, the number of bikes located at each pod, and the number of empty slots at the pod.


Seattle Bike Lanes Map

Bike Lanes in Seattle, Washington

Find all marked bicycle routes throughout Seattle to ensure the safest route on your way to the office.


Los Angeles Bike Map

Bike Share Trips in Los Angeles, California

You are not the only one biking to your destination. See where the most popular bike share routes are in the City of Angels.

No matter where in the world you are, and weather permitting, get outside and bike to work, the grocery store, or your favorite restaurant. It’s time to celebrate National Bike Month! 

Download our white paper, The Future of Transportation Is Data, to see how data can help governments thrive in the face of transportation innovations. 

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