Talking About City Transformations at TEDx

April 13, 2016 6:54 am PST | Data News Roundup

This week in open data news, Deep Dhillon, Socrata’s Chief Technology Officer, delivers a compelling message on the power of open data to transform cities. In local government news, Hampton Roads, Va., kicks off a year-long initiative to bring open data awareness to the community and the Jackson, Miss., open data portal makes headlines. Read about all this and more in this week’s Open Data Download:

Deep Dhillon, Socrata CTO, Delivers TED Talk

Deep Dhillon, Chief Technology Officer at Socrata, delivers a TED talk about how the power of open data can create more vibrant cities. Deep has extensive experience conceptualizing, architecting and deploying multiple advanced networking applications. Watch the TED talk to get the full download.

Economic Growth in Hampton Roads with Open Data

“To help interested individuals and companies gain an understanding of how they might use open data in their business endeavors and also mitigate the associated challenges, two of the region’s longtime data practitioners — Cathy Green of Virginia Beach and Rick Jones of Norfolk — have teamed up to create the Hampton Roads Open Data Initiative. Green and Jones have immersed themselves in the open data ecosystem, and they are both making a one-year commitment to organize and lead a monthly series of free, working group sessions designed to raise awareness of open data in the regional business community and to make open data a viable element for the region’s economic growth.” Get the full download.

The Untapped Potential of Data-Driven Policy

In this episode of 10 Blocks podcast, City Journal interviews Harvard Business School professor Mike Luca, who helps cities and companies become more data-driven. Luca shares his experiences working with restaurant hygiene open data and Yelp. He also discusses consumer alerts in San Francisco and questions if future violations can be predicted. Get the full download.

City of Jackson Unveils New Open Data Portal

“Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber unveiled a new open data portal on Monday. The portal was created to make government information accessible to the public. The portal is a result of Jackson’s collaboration with the What Works Cities Initiative that was started by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The portal will track development projects, crime statistics, and road repairs.” Get the full download.

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