Super-Green Seattle Wants to Be Even Greener

September 5, 2017 11:57 am PST | Data as a Service

The Emerald City. The Silicon Forest. The land of bicycle-rights advocates. Can Seattle get any greener than it already is?

You bet your reusable-grocery bag it can. The city of Seattle has a website where it tracks a lot of goals, from public safety to community development. And, many goals seek to protect the earth, like boosting Seattle’s tree canopy and electric car use. Plus, in a true, tech-hub fashion, Seattle is tracking all these goals using application programming interface-enabled (API) data so developers can use it to create new apps and companies. Well played, techies.

Check out our list of Seattle’s greenest goals and why they make so much sense in a city with mandatory composting.

1. Tree Canopy

Seattle’s Urban Forest Stewardship Plan (UFSP) wants to expand the city’s tree canopy cover to 30% by 2037. Their plan? Plant thousands of trees every year.

2. Bicycle Ridership

Seattle ranks third nationwide for number of bike commuters but wants to improve its ranking. It’s tied with DC, which is flat, so Seattleites know who the real winner is.

3. P-Patch Gardeners

Seattle’s P-Patch Community Gardening Program is the largest municipally managed gardening program west of New York City. More than 3,000 Seattleites have plots and plants.

4. Expedited Green Building Permits

Gonna build green? Congratulations and welcome to the front of the line. Those building with an eye toward environmental efficiency should have an extra-smooth experience with city permitting.

5. Forested Parkland

Using an online tracking system called CEDAR (of course), Seattle work crews and volunteers log acres of work to restore urban forests with native plants.

6. Electric Vehicle Use

Seattle owns more than 450 hybrid and 79 electric vehicles. And, its employees use them for more than 50% of trips around town.

7. Residential Energy Efficiency

Seattle wants to be carbon neutral by 2050. So, everyone needs to get on board, especially homeowners.

8. Increase Recycling and Composting

Seattleites recycle 60% of their solid waste. And, pizza boxes and chicken bones go into the compost, or residents get fines from the city.

9. Polluted Runoff from Roads

Seattle sweeps its streets regularly to reduce toxic chemicals and poisonous metals from ending up in Puget Sound.

10. Bus Ridership

A full bus in Seattle means 60 fewer drivers on the road. Seattle currently has nearly a quarter of a million bus riders every weekday.


Green Data Is Everywhere

Seattle isn’t the only place with dreams of a greener future. Cincinnati, Kansas City, and San Mateo County, California, are also tracking their efforts to keep things clean and green, and using data to show their progress.

Want to bring your environmental goals to the forefront? Contact Socrata for guidance on setting, tracking, and reporting on your goals either internally or to a public audience.

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