Spokane Coders Get Energized for SpoCode

October 14, 2013 1:00 pm PST | Data as a Service

It’s the age of open data, and Spokane – Seattle’s cousin east of the Cascades – is staying current with the times. Coders are getting AMP’ed (actually, they prefer Red Bull) for SpoCode Fall 2013, which is scheduled for November 1.

The purpose of SpoCode is to unite Spokane’s programming community, along with designers and “idea people,” for 24 caffeine-fueled hours dedicated to creating civic apps. Each app is meant to assist the public, focusing on areas such as open data, government accountability, and civic service.

Teams will be judged based on their ability to execute their ideas, the creativity of their project, and the quality of their code. Prizes will go to the top three teams. Judges may also create additional awards on the spot for exceptional projects.

The first SpoCode occurred last February, making SpoCode Fall Spokane’s second hackathon of the year. SpoCode Spring resulted in ten spectacular civic apps, including the following selected highlights:

  • Budget Visualizer – Offers an interactive, graphical breakdown of Spokane’s city budget. 
  • Aqua Vitae – Provides map-based visualization and analysis of liquor license distribution in Spokane.
  • Vehicle Theft Map – Helps drivers find safe parking spaces in Spokane.

Spocode has already garnered some strong support. Socrata is the title sponsor for the fall hackathon, and the City of Spokane has generously offered its Pioneer Lane Fire Center as a venue. All proceeds from the event will go toward providing meals for participants and funding the next hackathon.

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