Socrata’s New Platform Puts Users First

June 11, 2015 9:49 am PST | Data as a Service
Data-as-a-Utility platform

On June 9, Socrata launched our new Data-as-a-Utility platform.

Customer feedback is central to everything we do — for example, our customers helped to co-create our new Open Data Platform — and your feedback, good or bad, helps us to continue to innovate. If you’ve had the chance to demo the new platform or have responses to the Data as a Utility foundation, please share them in the comments section below. Here’s what we’ve heard  so far.

“We want our data to be accessible not only to researchers and developers, but also to anyone looking to answer a simple question or gain insight into state government. We believe this new experience will allow us to turn government data into easily approachable and consumable information that helps educate people and improve the quality of their lives.” —Connecticut Chief Data Officer Tyler Kleykamp

“What we’ve seen is it’s a capable tool, and their making it more user-friendly is really important. We wanted to reach average citizens when we started this, and this is making that less difficult. The focus is on an enhanced and improved user interface.” —Austin IT Division Manager Matthew Esquibel

“What’s nice about the new Socrata platform is that it lets regular people see what open data might mean for them. It just makes it more accessible.”  —Abhi Nemani, chief data officer of Los Angeles

And our favorite so far:

“This presentation is so cool!  I want all this for St. Pete!  We really need to become a partner of yours.  SO much we can do, I don’t want to wait any more!” —David Flintom, Mayor’s Action Center, St. Petersburg

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