Socrata Supports Data Skills Training for NYC Staff

March 8, 2018 9:34 am PST | Data as a Service

This week marks the second-annual NYC Open Data Week, a week-long event designed to celebrate open data and educate a broad audience about its usage and importance. Socrata, who has been working with the New York open data team since 2011, participated not only as a partner, but also in a first-ever, all day open data workshop prior to Open Data Week’s kickoff.


Open Data Coordinator Professional Development Workshops

On March 1-2, Socrata led a two-day series of workshops for approximately 100 New York City employees. The workshop sessions were planned and designed to educate staff and expand their knowledge and understanding of open data, increasing data literacy for all staffers. Participants worked with leading open data experts from Socrata, the Sunlight Foundation, BetaNYC, and BuildWith.

To plan the workshops, Betsy Bruce and Ryan Hall, members of Socrata’s education team, worked with Adrienne Schmoeker, who is the Director of Civic Engagement and Strategy in the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics for New York City. As they planned the event, the group focused on prioritizing employee engagement and furthering the data literacy of NYC staffers. Afterwards, Schmoeker commented on the workshops, saying, “The seeds [Socrata] helped plant will have an impact in the months and years to come.”

SNU at New York City Data Event


Education Helps NYC Open Data Scale and Grow

All partners involved in the trainings received Certificates of Recognition from the Mayor, in which Mayor de Blasio said the teaching advanced the mission, “to expand access to vital information and services and empower our residents.” He added, “I applaud your efforts to help us build a fairer, stronger, and more inclusive city for all New Yorkers.”

Hall and Bruce credit the success of the workshops to the enthusiasm of NYC staffers. “They were so eager, ready to learn and increase their understanding of open data and the tools available,” says Bruce.

Hall agrees. “We were proud to partner with the team in New York City and other partners to create workshops that will help NYC staff scale and grow their open data efforts.”

NYC Open Data Week 2018 runs from March 3-10 and includes speakers from the Mayor’s office, BetaNYC, Socrata, and more. The week also includes the Hack the Future Open Data Workshop co-sponsored by Socrata data analytics team. Learn more here.

Check out Socrata Data Academy, which offers a series of courses on the fundamentals of data analysis for government.

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