Biggest Socrata Client Headlines of The Year

December 13, 2018 6:01 am PST | Data as a Service

As the end of 2018 approaches, we’re reflecting on some remarkable accomplishments and headlines throughout the year from governments at all levels — city, state, federal — as well as government agencies.

Here are some of the most notable successes and headlines from Socrata clients in the past year. And if we left your government’s innovative, noteworthy moment off the list, please let us know — reach out on Twitter to share your proudest moments from 2018.

CTHRU Tops 3 Million Page Views

Massachusetts’ state financial transparency site, CTHRU, reached 3 million page views in December, signifying a jump in activity from March, when the state announced the platform had hit 1 million page views.

Massachusetts Comptroller Tom Shack likes to say that the the state now has millions of people – reporters, students, and more – keeping an eye on statewide spending, from payroll to benefits.

Learn more: Read the case study on how Massachusetts cut costs with CTHRU and watch a presentation on CTHRU. Plus, see how Socrata helped support adding new payroll data to CTHRU in just 48 hours.


Hawaii Makes Election Spending Discoverable

Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission

The Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission shares real-time details on state and local candidate spending through a new dashboard. Following the money trail couldn’t be easier. The app provides information in easily digestible and shareable pie charts, graphs, and other visualizations. Interested residents and the media can browse contributions, loans, and expenditures. They can even see Super PAC spending in support and opposition of candidates. Plus, it’s easy to compare one candidate’s financial behavior to another.

Learn more: Read up on Hawaii’s innovative election spending app.


Utah’s DOT Grows Its Strategic Data Use – from PDF to Portal

Utah Department of Transportation continues to improve its Annual Strategic Direction Report, adding more data and moving it in automated ways into that system. Utah DOT first moved its annual strategic report into a Socrata-hosted portal in 2017. And, during a presentation at Socrata Connect in May 2018, Deputy Director Shane Marshall talked about the impact of near-real-time updates for staff and legislators. The report outlines progress toward three major goals: eliminating traffic-related fatalities, preserving transportation infrastructure, and optimizing mobility. Now, internal decision makers, as well as the public, have easy access to meaningful, up-to-date information on the state’s transportation priorities.

Learn more: Read the case study on UDOT’s transition to a cloud-based report and watch UDOT Deputy Director Shane Marshall share details on the department’s journey.

New York City’s Open Data for All 2018 report outlined how city agencies can “meet legislated data reporting requirements by maintaining datasets in a machine-readable form on the Open Data Platform, rather than transmitting PDFs of tabular data to the municipal library.”


New York City Releases 600+ Datasets on Portal

There were big — and exciting — numbers in New York City’s annual open data report. In 2018, the city published 629 datasets, from 38 city agencies. New York City’s open data portal now hosts more than 2,000 datasets. This data helps simplify processes, improve public safety, and allows the city — and residents — to track progress toward major goals.

Learn more: Read more on the city’s annual open data report and check out their data website.


USAID Launches Development Data Library

Earlier this year, the U.S. Agency for International Development implemented a Socrata solution for its Data Development Library, previously stored on the agency’s servers. The library contains data from USAID partners around the globe. The new platform makes it easy for those partners to publish data — reduced manual reviews and shorter time to approvals. And, data on the library is easy to discover and share for worldwide partners, agency staff, and the public.

Learn more: Check out the USAID Data Development Library.

Government business intelligence is modernizing, and at the same time, performance management is evolving. Hear from three thought leaders in the public sector space about where they see government is headed as data is surfaced, connected, and shared in inter-agency collaboration. Read more in The Future of Connected Government.

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