Socrata Drives Civic Innovation with Support for Code for America Peer Network

March 20, 2014 9:00 am PST | Effective Governing
Socrata Drives Civic Innovation with Support for Code for America Peer Network

By Ian Kalin


For the past several years, Socrata — the leading provider of cloud open data and open performance management solutions— and Code for America (CfA) have teamed to promote innovative, data-driven approaches to government. Now, the two organizations are joining forces in a new way.

In 2012, Code for America launched the Peer Network, a professional network for local government innovators — including Chiefs of Staff, CIOs, CTOs, etc. — to share information and best practices through trainings and events. To date, innovators from more than 50 cities of all sizes, ranging from Chicago and San Francisco to Asheville, North Carolina and Louisville, Kentucky have joined this group.

As a sponsor of the Peer Network, Socrata expands its commitment to helping cities nationwide leverage cutting-edge technology to easily access and better use public-domain data. With this data, cities can deliver more modern digital services, boost efficiency, and open up possibilities for greater citizen participation in government.

“We are thrilled that Socrata has joined as a sponsor of the Peer Network,” says Jack Madans, CfA’s Government Partnerships Manager. “The company’s experience and leadership in the field of open data will help us drive our mission forward.”

Socrata has previously participated in the annual Code for America Summit. Now, through its sponsorship of the Peer Network, the Seattle-based software company will also provide a new set of tools and expertise to accelerate the deployment of civic data standards. These include HouseFacts, a data currency for building safety data, and 311, a popular data protocol for citizen feedback to City Managers. Socrata will also offer its experiences deploying government transparency programs to the dozens of civic leaders that are seeking to take advantage of the lessons learned from other governments.

Kevin Merritt, Founder and CEO of Socrata, says, “Cities have demonstrated strong support for open data initiatives and are reaping some of the biggest societal benefits. Cities consistently offer practical and pragmatic examples of how to leverage open data to improve lives. One of the reasons we are so excited to sponsor the CfA Peer Network is that it creates an environment where forward-thinking civic leaders can share ideas and solve problems—while promoting a culture of excellence made possible through civic innovation.”

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