Socrata Celebrates Inspiring Clients on the Top Women in Tech List

March 29, 2018 8:29 am PST | Data as a Service
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Statescoop recently released its list of “Top Women in Technology for 2018” and Socrata is proud to celebrate the 14 innovative, forward-thinking customers included on the list.

The need to acknowledge, celebrate, and grow the presence of women in government technology remains essential since, according the Statescoop’s article, as of March 1, 2018, only six women hold state chief information officer roles across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Statescoop's Women in Tech

The following is a list of the Socrata customers named for the award and some quotes from them on their journey to leadership roles in government technology.

Joy Bonaguro, Chief Data Officer, City of San Francisco

Krista Canellakis, Chief Innovation Officer, City of San Francisco

Danielle DuMerer, Chief Information Officer, City of Chicago

Mai-Ling Garcia, Digital Engagement Officer, City of Oakland

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

As a recovering “yes” woman, the best advice I received is simply saying “yes” to one thing is saying “no” to something else. As a professional, it has helped me focus on what’s most important. What’s most important to me is scaling and improving government services.

Kate Garman, Smart City Coordinator, City of Seattle

What’s something you’re excited about going forward, working in government technology?

I look forward to people feeling even more empowered by data. I look forward to residents knowing how to communicate with their city, for visitors to know how to get around with ease, and for city staff to be creative, proactive, and make a difference with the data that tech provides us.

Want to hear from Kate Garman about her work to make Seattle a smarter city? She’s speaking this year at Socrata Connect, our annual conference held in Austin, Texas, this May 16 – 18. Along with her colleague David Doyle, Seattle’s Open Data Program Manager, Kate will present on “The Smarter City: Focusing on the Data You Have” addressing how cities can use data they already have available to build a smarter city. 

Visit our Socrata Connect website to learn more about the conference schedule of speakers and register.

Karen Geduldig, Deputy Chief Information Officer, State of New York

Jeanne Holm, Deputy Chief Information Officer, City of Los Angeles

Suma Nallapati, Chief Information Officer, State of Colorado

Stacey Napier, Executive Director, Department of Information Resources, State of Texas

Beth Niblock, Chief Information Officer, City of Detroit

What’s your proudest achievement in the past year?

I’m most proud that we are smartly deploying technology throughout the city — whether it’s making technology in police cars safer for officers, being transparent with our citizens through our open data portal or making life more convenient for residents with our kiosks citywide.

Kerry O’Connor, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Austin  

What’s your experience been like as a woman in the tech workforce?

Much like many other women — [I have experienced] having ideas disregarded and then later claimed by others in the same meeting, being considered too direct or too outspoken and being included on panels because you’re a token women with an executive title and not for the message you have to convey.

In 2015, we had a little snafu where someone offered “women in leadership training” that revealed some astonishingly old school stereotypes were still held by some people.

Nevertheless, like every other woman in tech, we persist.

And not only do we persist, but we must raise the voice of others who might night be heard. Our efforts are not just about gender equality, but racial equity — not just diversity, but real, meaningful inclusion.

Simona Rollinson, Chief Information Officer, Cook County

Elizabeth Rowe, Chief Data Officer, State of New Jersey

Elayne Starkey, Chief Security Officer, State of Delaware

What’s something you’re excited about going forward, working in government technology?

There is so much to look forward to: blockchain, cloud services, digital disruption, IoT and more. There’s no better time to be in government technology!

Hear from Kate Garman — and many more inspiring women leaders in government — this May at Socrata Connect.

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