Data into Dollars: SiteCompli Saves Customers Thousands Daily

June 4, 2014 9:05 am PST | Data as a Service

The Big Apple can be a tough place to own property. Rules and regulations enforced by various agencies can catch property owners and managers off guard, costing them thousands of dollars in fees and penalties. Enter SiteCompli, an online service that keeps New York City property owners, managers, and service contractors up to date on potential fines, penalties, and complaints related to their properties. It’s goal is to save these organizations time and money while reducing risk. And, it is.

Founded in 2008 by Jason Griffith and Ross Goldenberg, SiteCompli eliminates the need for residential and commercial property owners and managers go to multiple city websites to track changing rules and upcoming inspection dates. Instead, these organizations receive reminders, alerts, and reports from SiteCompli that warn them of new issues before any penalties come along. Much of the information that SiteCompli offers its clients is open data from the City of New York’s portal, such as 311 complaints.

SiteCompli’s business is booming. There are currently 10 open positions they’re hiring for on their website. And, SiteCompli’s customers (of which there are more than 100) have great things to say about the site’s impact on their business. Here are some examples:

“SiteCompli has given us an industry leading compliance management capability. I don’t know why any responsible property management firm wouldn’t use SiteCompli.”- Josh Koppel, HSC Management 

“SiteCompli saves substantial dollars and generates huge ROI.” – Ernest Faraci, Walter & Samuels 

“SiteCompli enables us to be constantly aware of high level issues while ensuring we have the necessary tools and information to keep pace with a challenging and ever-changing NYC regulatory environment.” – Laurence Gluck, Stellar Management 

SiteCompli’s has published information about the types of savings its clients enjoy. For example, missing a one or five-year elevator inspection costs $3,000 – $5,000 per elevator car. It’s possible for a building owner to lose $20,000 in one year just on missed elevator car inspections. Or, not appearing for an Environment Control Board (EBC) hearing can cost $2,500 – $10,000. One example that gets to the variety and specificity of the rules is a $300 fine for bedding taken to the curb without a plastic cover. A SiteCompli customer would know about this issue the moment a complaint was filed and would be able to avoid a fine by fixing it immediately.

In an interview with “Commercial Observer,” Griffith said that SiteCompli currently covers 1 billion square feet of real estate and that they gather compliance information from the following agencies: The New York City Department of Buildings, Environmental Control Board, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Housing Preservation and Development, and the Fire Department of New York.

Goldenberg seems optimistic SiteCompli has found its niche, saying, “Whether you’re a big or small property manager, you should be resolving problems, not trying to track down paperwork. Technology should be taking care of that.”

Matt Duthie, Managing Director of Jones Lang LaSalle, one of the leading commercial property management companies in New York City, summed up SiteCompli’s quick rise in the industry, saying, “SiteCompli has quickly become the industry standard and JLL’s tool of choice for compliance reporting. SiteCompli brings together the system integrity, robust technology, expert knowledge and product innovation that helps us keep our buildings safe, compliant and industry leading. Much more than just an alert system, SiteCompli is an industry knowledgebase and critical resource that keeps growing more helpful every day.”


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