#SCS2015 Live Coverage

November 2, 2015 7:00 am PST | Data as a Service

At the 2015 Socrata Customer Summit, there were panels and stories, presentations and PowerPoints, and most of all, a conversation between civic innovators, government staffers, and data scientists. But not all the best conversations took place in person — the Socrata Customer Summit engaged civic innovators last week on Twitter with millions of bytes of knowledge and education shared, and observations and insights flowed. 

Here are a few highlights from the Twitter feed, but take a look at #SCS2o15 for more in-depth coverage. 

Open Data

A data analyst married an urban planner and http://iquantny.tumblr.com was born. love.  @socrata

Open Data.fundamentally changes the dynamic between citizens and their government. @DetroitCivTech  ‏@sustain_detroit 

We need to move to a world in which open data are human readable, not just machine readable. http://ow.ly/i/dZAWe @schwabish 

As an uptight government bureaucrat, I should hate things like @IQuantNY but I really don’t. Great stuff!  @JonOpenData

“People don’t want budget data, they want data that matters to their lives”  Colorado. No1 #opendata search is Black Bear sightings  ‏@BathHacked 

Chattanooga rep: Data for data’s sake is useless. Need to prioritize, find who wants it and will use it.  @cityoftopeka 

Do you live in a former meth lab? Startling use case for #opendata http://money.cnn.com/interactive/news/meth-lab-map/ …   ‏@StephenHilton

Civic Leaders

Miami-Dade @MayorGimenez says data belongs to the people.  @IQuantNY

Tony Lockett w European Commission: Can be difficult to work w/ media, part of their job to expose when things aren’t going well….We have to accept that criticism. It can help us improve.  ‏@cityoftopeka  

On LA city at “All this data available for the taking. Who’s gonna take it” and what will they do with it?  @RonGalperin @usdatagov

“What does the data mean and what are we going to do with it?” – @RonGalperin 

We have an opportunity to create sustainable and resilient cities through the use of data. Mayor Tony Yarber, Jackson, Mississippi  @sustain_detroit  

Do you have a data dictionary for your city? @OpenDataChicago does, check it out here http://datadictionary.cityofchicago.org  @ClaireZimmerman

Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber: In gov, we’re really good at nuance. How can we bring science back to political science?  @cityoftopeka

For #opendata in government to be successful, has to come from the top, from the city manager @cityoftopeka

Austin’s 90 day data challenge: Each dept 1 data liaison, attend workshops, compile data inventory, publish 3 datasets @cityoftopeka


@safouen loads 1 million+ row dataset with ease. @socrata‘s new platform page loads 20x and queries 80x faster@socrata

“We’re empowering government employees to do in minutes what used to take them hours or sometimes days to do.”

@jonpoole on @BathHacked Be useful, be open, share knowledge, champion privacy, park politics ‏ @AndrewNebus 

“With @Socrata we’re trailblazers. Storytelling and contextualizing is a big takeaway and we’ll try to apply that.” @TonyLbxl


Couldn’t make it to the Summit? Read the tweets at #SCS2015.



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