San Fran Releases Climate and Health Data

By Elana Hopman


The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) recently released their Climate and Health dataset, which offers detailed information on regional climate change and public health.

For over three years, the SFDPH’s Climate and Health Program has researched increasing local temperatures and how they affect vulnerable areas and populations in San Francisco. The Climate and Health dataset makes all of the program’s data freely available and easily searchable through DataSF, the city’s open data portal.


The dataset includes satellite imagery from NASA and temperature data from NOAA. It also features data on factors that influence climate-related health risks, such as individual physiology, culture, local infrastructure, behavior, and social and demographic characteristics. The SFDPH hopes that publishing this data will inspire researchers, developers, and private citizens to create tools that will educate the public on dangers and safety measures surrounding environmental health concerns, ultimately helping to mitigate their impact.

“The main objective of this data release is to raise awareness about this important health issue and support transparent public research and policy,” says Cynthia Comerford, Manager of Planning and Fiscal Policy for the SFDPH. “Additionally, we hope it will inspire new applications to both increase knowledge around community resiliency and address complex societal issues like climate change.”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently awarded the SFDPH $675,000 to continue its Climate and Health project. Thanks to the funding, the SFDPH will be able to continue research and address the health impacts of climate change for the next three years.

For more information about these efforts, visit the SFDPH website.

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