Rockaway Township Launches Open Budget

March 23, 2016 12:00 pm PST | Public Finance

Mayor Michael Dachisen of Rockaway Township, N.J., has taken a strong stand in support of improving government accountability and transparency by using open data. Recently, the mayor announced the launch of Open Budget, powered by Socrata, which provides citizens with a transparent look at how the local government allocates public funds.

In the past, residents would have had to navigate hundreds of pages of scanned financial documents. Now, site visitors can explore six years of budget data and analyze expenditures by department or over time.

Citizens can explore interactive visualizations to better understand the budgeting process and investments.

“This application expands upon my commitment to transparency and gives the public access to six years of budget information that can be viewed, analyzed, and downloaded. This is just a part of our good financial management which includes reducing our dependence on surplus funds, continuing sound debt management strategies, and positioning ourselves to maintain, if not improve upon, our strong double A1 bond rating,” Mayor Dachisen said recently of his township’s Open Budget initiative.

Learn how Open Budget is helping other governments communicate their budgets more effectively.

Explore Open Budget

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