The Real Value of Public-Sector Data

May 3, 2016 12:00 pm PST | Data News Roundup

Find out about Canada’s open data summit, DC’s plans for sharing information, and the real value of public-sector data. Read more in this week’s Open Data Download.

Open Data Is Creating New Opportunities in the Public Sector

“President Obama recently announced the launch of The Opportunity Project, an initiative to utilize digital tools and open data sets to help promote economic opportunity worldwide. With the move, the government is demonstrating a resolve toward implementing more transparent practices and enabling the opportunities that come with them.” Get the full download.

Open Data Tapped for Economic Development, Law Enforcement

“State and local governments are finding different ways to leverage their open data. The District of Columbia is opening up its databases with an eye to having the information commercialized by companies who can use it to fuel a business plan, the District’s CTO Archana Vemulapalli said at the VMware’s Public Sector Innovation Summit on April 26. ‘We want to set up government as an enabler,’ she said.” Get the full download.

National Open Data Summit Held in Saint John Thursday

“The Canadian Open Data Summit [was held] in Saint John on Thursday in attempts to create opportunities for citizens and private sector businesses in the city. It [was] the first time the annual event, designed to address the most pressing challenges facing the open data community, has been held in Atlantic Canada.” Get the full download.

Middleton Considers ‘Open Data’ for Increased Transparency

“With an eye toward increasing transparency and participation in the city budgeting process, Middleton officials are exploring the possibility of creating an “open data” portal on the city’s website…After learning about Socrata’s software at a conference in Seattle, Davis and Lehman agreed open data might be a good thing for the city to pursue.” Get the full download.

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