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August 18, 2016 12:00 pm PST | Data News Roundup

California’s Debtwatch wins big and Texas overhauls its open data portal. Find out why more people are taking selfies in city hall and what new opportunity the Rockefeller Foundation is launching to support smart cities. Read more of this week’s biggest headlines in the Open Data Download:

Texas overhauls open data portal, prioritizes commonly requested info

“The state’s IT department is unveiling a new look for its open data offerings and putting a premium on proactively making data available that was once only accessible via a public records request.” Read more from StateScoop.

2016 Best of California Award Winners Honored in Sacramento

“The Center for Digital Government presented the Best of California Awards on Thursday during the California Technology Forum.” DebtWatch Open Data Website was awarded Best Application Serving the Public. Read more from TechWire.net.

A Smart Cities Challenge for Next-Generation Innovators

“Ten startups fighting urban poverty or otherwise assisting vulnerable communities will receive $100,000 each and participate in a nine-month development phase, as part of the Future Cities Accelerator announced Friday at the Millennial Tech & Change Summit in San Francisco.” Read more from Route Fifty.

‘Customer-First’ Thinking Helps Government Navigate the Changing Digital Landscape

“A constituent-centric approach is often the first step governments can take to keep up with the daunting tide of new technology.” Read more from GovTech.

OMB Touts Digital Government Initiative

“Since the administration launched the U.S. Digital Service in August 2014, there have been improvements in the digital experience among individuals, businesses and the government, OMB has said. ‘Over the last two years, these actions have significantly improved the federal government’s ability to provide better citizen-centered services and helped Americans engage with their government in new and meaningful ways  . . . this work has reimagined how government services should be provided to the public,’ it said in an ‘impact report.’” Read more from FEDweek.

Poll: Government Is the Least Popular of Any Major Industry in the U.S.

“The image of the federal government took a beating in the latest annual Gallup survey of business-sector favorability. Government ranked dead last in positive views, with only 28 percent of respondents rating it favorably, compared with a whopping 66 percent holding favorable views of the restaurant industry and the computer sector, according to the survey released on Monday.” Read more from Government Executive.

Why Local Governments Are Taking City Hall Selfies

“Municipal governments looking to boost civic engagement took to social media Monday to ring in the first-ever, international #CityHallSelfie Day. Spearheaded by Oregon-based nonprofit Engaging Local Government Leaders, the online campaign served the double purpose of assisting municipalities in engendering greater community support, trust and conversations around innovation and policy.” Read more from Route Fifty.

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