Open Data Video of the Week: Driving Quality of Life with Data

July 3, 2015 7:00 am PST | Data as a Service

In this week’s featured OpenData.TV video, Waldo Jaquith, the Director of the U.S. Open Data Institute, sounds a cautionary note: creating a CSV file, JSOPN file, or API is important, but ultimately, Jaquith believes that someday soon, “the work that we’re doing now will look very crude.”

Putting common standards in place will have a huge impact on data’s utility. And so too, will demand for the data, both from governments and private companies. “Until we go from pushing open data and arguing for its use to a model of it being pulled out of governments by eager consumers of it, we’re not going to have a sustainable system in place,” says Jaquith.

“There’s so much that we need to do,” comments Jaquith, “to make this data [go] beyond existing, and to actually make it useful to where it fits into the workflow of how cities, and states, and countries, and businesses function.”

Two big wins await with use of health and transportation data — for Jaquith, it’s this data that holds the biggest opportunities for improving people’s quality of life. Watch the full video for Jaquith’s perspective on how data on health and transportation can make a difference in quality of life, as well as his thoughts on what is required to make open data a long-term success and driving force in both government and industry.



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