A Presidential Priority

July 28, 2016 12:00 pm PST | Data News Roundup

When it comes to bulk releases of open data, the largest cities are leading the way, according to the Sunlight Foundation’s Open Data Census. An open data transition report is being prepared for the next U.S. President, the White House’s former Deputy Chief Technology Officer advocates for open data, and Hawaii hosts a hackathon. Read more digital government headlines in this week’s Open Data Download:

A Presidential Priority: Unleashing Open Data

“While the candidates [for next U.S. president] are campaigning across the country, their teams are already working behind the scenes to prepare for the next president’s first day in office….The Center for Open Data Enterprise has received support from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation to publish a nonpartisan informational Open Data Transition Report, which will be made public in October. The report will draw on experts from business, the public sector, and civil society to provide an action plan for continuity and further improvements in open government data — free government data released for public use. It will show how open data can fuel national initiatives in healthcare, medical research, energy, criminal justice reform, education, labor, veterans’ benefits, and many other critical areas. ” Read more from the Huffington Post.

Is Data the Answer to Getting a Handle on Prescription Drug Abuse?

“Unintentional overprescribing is contributing to the rise of opioid addiction, but state and national monitoring systems are helping public health agencies keep a pulse on the situation.” Read more from GovTech.

Larger cities set the pace for open data downloads

“Larger cities tend to lead the way when it comes to releasing popular data sets in bulk, according to new research from a government transparency advocacy group. The Sunlight Foundation published a blog post Wednesday detailing how cities post open data online, based on results from the U.S. City Open Data Census — a project the group supports where people can submit details about their city’s open data offerings online. The foundation found that, of the six cities with the highest percentage of key data sets available for bulk download, four had populations of 850,000 or more.” Read more from StateScoop.

Former White House Deputy CTO Makes Case For Open Data In Government

“The federal government has collected data from U.S. citizens for decades, whether it is in the form of census data or public records. Now, Beth Noveck, former deputy chief technology officer for the Obama White House administration, says that data is key to building a more transparent government and more agile public works departments.” Read more from CRN.

Hawaii Sponsors Month-Long Hackathon

“Gov. David Ige, the Office of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) and the State of Hawaii Transformation Internship Program will host the first Hawaii Annual Code Challenge (HACC) on Aug. 27.” Read more from GovTech.

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