Cities Harness Open Data to Improve Residents’ Quality of Life

February 15, 2016 7:00 am PST | Data News Roundup

This week in open data news, Forbes magazine highlights why cities are now better positioned to take advantage of open data. Across the country — from San Francisco to Colorado to Delaware — governments are harnessing data to improve the quality of life for residents. San Francisco recently announced a partnership with mapping directions app Waze to improve driving experiences. Colorado will make more data available in machine-readable formats and Delaware Governor Jack Markell has signed an executive order to create the Data Governance Council. All this and more in the latest Data Download:

Big Data for Big Cities: The Civic Benefits of Google Street View and Yelp

Even as citizens generate more data than ever before, most cities haven’t taken full advantage of that information flow to improve services and become more efficient. “Historically, cities have been moving in analog, trying to measure things with imperfect data in information-poor environments,” says Harvard Business School Assistant Professor Michael Luca. Get the full download.

San Francisco Upgrades Wi-Fi, Relaunches Startup Effort, Shares Data

San Francisco unveiled a series of plans to boost connectivity and encourage tech innovation within the city. In a flurry of recent announcements, San Francisco said it would upgrade to its public Wi-Fi offering, #SFWiFi, relaunch its startup residency initiative, and partner with mapping directions app Waze around data sharing. Get the full download.

Colorado Legislators Move to Formalize Open Data Program in Secretary of State’s Office

Colorado lawmakers are taking steps to formalize a two and a half year-old pilot program that encourages state government agencies to streamline access to public data by making datasets available online in machine-readable formats. Get the full download.

Data Governance Council to Revamp Delaware’s Open Data Efforts

Delaware is redoubling its open data efforts, Governor Jack Markell announced late last month. Through the signing of Executive Order 47, the governor mandated the creation of a Data Governance Council that will help executive branch agencies publish their data on the state’s open data portal. Get the full download.

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