Open Calgary Lets Citizens Take a Deep Dive Into Data

January 13, 2017 11:00 am PST | Data as a Service
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Editor’s note: This post by Lindsay Shannon, Communications Advisor for the city of Calgary, originally appeared on Calgary City News Blog. Calgary’s updated open data site allows users to do far more than simply download data — visualization tools and other features encourage residents to explore and interact with datasets. 

On the heels of being named one of the top “Open Cities” in Canada by the Public Sector Digest in their annual Open Cities Index report, the City of Calgary has launched an upgraded Open Data Portal with enhanced data analysis features, new data visualization tools, and API capabilities for easier app development for developers.

This new Portal allows us to share more, better data with citizens, while also allowing citizens to interact with our data in new, more intensive ways.

“We’re excited to keep growing the number and types of datasets that we make available on the Portal and, of course, to see what new developments will come from them.” —Dale McNamee

“Where the old Open Data Catalogue gave citizens access to download our data, the new Portal allows citizens to really take a deep dive into our data and interact with it in a more intense way,” says Leader of Intellectual Property & Access Marketing in Corporate Analytics & Innovation Dale McNamee.

With the launch oopen data portal Calgaryf the new Open Data Portal, the City will be retiring the old Catalogue at the end of the year. To make the transition to the new Portal smoother for users, we’ve migrated the current catalogue to, which will remain live until December 31, 2016.

Interesting in seeing the different kinds of datasets that Calgary makes available to the public for free (and without restrictions)? Visit the new Open Data Portal today

Open Data in Calgary

  • The City of Calgary joined the open data movement in 2010 to provide centralized and easy access to city data

  • Calgary’s old Open Data Catalogue received an average of 14,000 downloads and 7,000 unique visitors every month. With the new Portal, these numbers are anticipated to increase significantly.

  • 22 mobile apps have been created and brought to market using Calgary’s open data, and combined have over 750,000 downloads

Discover how other cities are using open data to empower residents and businesses. 

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