ODTV Video of the Week: Becky Rountree Talks Citizen Engagement

March 20, 2015 9:00 am PST | Effective Governing
This week on Open Data TV, Socrata’s video network devoted to data-driven government, we hear from Becky Rountree, the Administrative Services Director of Gainesville, Fla., about some of the ways open data provides vital services to citizens. (Watch here!)
Rountree shares her take on the major benefits of open data for the City of Gainesville:
  • Builds trust: Giving the public access to the data helps “show our constituents that we have nothing to hide,” says Rountree, which improves the relationship between the government and the public.
  • Improves engagement: With access to information, the public has an easy path toward heightened involvement with the government.
  • Answers questions: Open data provides Gainesville residents with answers to basic questions: What’s the best neighborhood to buy a house? Where’s the closest park? How do I report a pothole problem? As Rountree puts it, having data online gives the public the “information they want at the tip of their fingers, rather than waiting for government offices to be open to make a call.” 

For more of her thoughts on using open data to promote citizen engagement, watch Becky Rountree’s video. And browse ODTV to find more thoughtful commentary on the many uses for data, from increasing citizen engagement to improving the economy.

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