ODTV Video of the Week: The Infinite Possibilities of Open Data

June 5, 2015 1:30 pm PST | Data as a Service

In this week’s featured OpenData.TV video, Kyle Hall, the  Special Assistant to the City Controller of Los Angeles, shares his take on the options open data presents to government workers, especially younger ones. “If you can find elected leaders, who are ambitious, who are young, and have energy and a vision for a better way to work in government, there’s really an enormous amount of opportunity…to set guidelines, set procedures, drive policy.”

He sees open data as offering up possibilities both for governmental employees and people working outside of government. Within government though, there are ample ways to update outdated processes and use open data as a vehicle for change and improvement. As Hall puts it, “You only have to work in government for a very short period of time to build your personal laundry list of 30 or 40 things that you know could be done much better.”

Watch the full video to see Hall’s take on both the career opportunities and the ability to effect change that result from open data.


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