ODTV Video of the Week: Connecticut’s Transparency Journey

July 17, 2015 7:00 am PST | Public Finance

There’s no questioning that Connecticut has sharply improved its record for transparency: just a few years ago, the state received low marks. Now, says Kevin Lembo, the State’s Comptroller, in this week’s featured ODTV video, Connecticut “gets an A.” 

But that’s not the end of Connecticut’s striving — when it comes to transparent government, it’s the journey and the persistent commitment to being open, that’s more important than the destination. “The work is never-ending,” says Lembo. He continues: “It’s not like you can sort of check the box and say ‘I fulfilled my campaign promises around transparency’ because there are always new and innovative ways to put it out there, and new datasets that come online.”

One of Connecticut’s big goals is to get people to think of data as being fundamental to the State’s infrastructure, comments Lembo, just as if it were one of the State’s roads, ports, or rails. The data, and in particular, the easy ability to download the raw data, and see visualizations of it, allows government employees to make new discoveries and connections, residents to grow more engaged, and ideas for new programs and initiatives to spark readily.

Watch the full video to see why Lembo believes that open data is “about making sure government is designed and administered in a way that is sustainable over time.” 



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