The New Face of Open Baltimore

July 25, 2014 8:42 am PST | Data as a Service, Effective Governing

Baltimore believes in open data! Open Baltimore has a new face but that’s not all.

An earlier adopter of open data, Open Baltimore launched in early 2012. Since  Open Baltimore continues to innovate their tradition as an early mover in open data, the City of Baltimore continues to innovate with a series of changes including:

As Baltimore continues to lead open data efforts in Maryland and across the country keep your eyes peeled for a new financial transparency applications in the not too distant future.  Baltimore’s Chief Data Officer Heather Hudson said, “Baltimore is proud to have been one of the early publishers of open data, and we’re very excited to have launched our newly redesigned OpenBaltimore site. It is just the start of our reenergized efforts to bring data to the public in more contextualized ways. It’s not enough to simply publish data. We need to provide context and meaning. Stay tuned. We have a lot of exciting stuff still to come.”

Learn more about Open Baltimore at today’s Baltimore Data Day.
Want to get involved with civic hacking in Baltimore? Reach out to HackBaltimore.
Give Open Baltimore your feedback by suggesting a dataset.

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