NC DataPalooza Sparks Health Innovation

April 17, 2014 11:25 am PST | Data Apps & Visualization, Data as a Service

By Reid Serozi


Due to the efforts of many of its cities, North Carolina is known as a state dedicated to using open data to improve the lives of its citizens. Now, NC DataPalooza, a regional open data competition, is planning a new series of events to further the innovation driven by open data and engaged citizens. These events are sure to spur innovation and create a positive impact for citizens.

Open Data Bootcamp

On April 24th, the new events kick off with an open data bootcamp at HQ Raleigh. According to the press release, “Data experts from Socrata, Red Hat, Health 2.0, and Technology Tank will cover available health data and give perspective on open data tools and resources.” Attendees will be able to discuss the best practices in open data, learning from available case studies as they prepare for the first Triangle Startup Weekend: Heath DataJam on May 16-18. The Health DataJam kicks off the 90-day competition as teams form and dig into the health datasets in the first 54 hour sprint.

Triangle Startup Weekend and Entrepreneurship Week

These teams will use the 90 days to create a business plan and use available health data as the primary means to solve their chosen issue, creating positive change and economic impact. Then, at the end of the 90-day period, “three teams will be chosen to participate in a month-long accelerator program this August, pitching their final business idea to a panel of judges during Triangle Entrepreneurship Week.”

Events like these put on by NC DataPalooza demonstrate the drive and impact of open data. Civic developers are hungry to get into the data and create apps and programs to improve government services to everyday citizens. NC DataPalooza is the perfect example of the rapidly-growing trend towards spurring innovation through the use of open data.

To register for the NC DataPalooza bootcamp, click here.

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