NASA’s New Data Portal

April 16, 2015 11:10 am PST | Data Apps & Visualization, Data as a Service

In time for this past weekend’s International Spaces Apps Challenge, the NASA Open Innovation team was hard at work re-launching a publicly available catalog of data, APIs, and visualizations and more located at

Developer Resources and API catalog (1)

The new Data Portal, which offers a wide variety of digital assets and resources for Challenge participants, has been met with great excitement by the NASA team and by its active community of users.

But now that the weekend challenge is over, the greater challenges still remain. Anyone can still team with NASA to solve looming challenges here on Earth – using‘s wealth of data, tools, and resources.

The new Data Portal has featured datasets, allows you to explore data by mission categories, and supports powerful search capabilities to enable users to find the data they need quickly and easily.

home page screenshot (1)


data catalog - browsing for data (1)

Ready to get started? You can explore the Developer Resources page to learn more about using NASA data and Socrata’s Open Data API (SODA)  — from finding the API endpoint, building filters and queries, and getting set up with an API token.

A holy grail for innovators, you’ll find every dataset, map, chart, and filtered view has an API.

Happy data hunting!

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