Movember @ Socrata – Moustache Moments

December 7, 2012 4:04 pm PST | Data as a Service, Data Rockstars

Socrata supported men’s health research in a playful way last month. We joined the Movember movement, raising $1,700 for research into prostate cancer treatments and other priorities.

Enjoy our photo collection from a month of exciting growth as a company.


Developer evangelist Chris Metcalf sports the beginnings of something beautiful.

Chris leaps ahead a few weeks using an app called Stauche-ify.

After a whole month of growth, some of us still had to search hard to find Bryant’s mustache.

 Socrata women – Lisa, Bridget, Anna, Clare and Kellie – offer moral support. 

The Crew: Jeff (who had never grown facial hair before), our CTO Will (voted “Looks Most Like a Cop”), John, Daniel, Paul, Lilia, Chris, Bryant (back row and very tall), Anna, Kelly, Melissa and Cam (front). 

Lilia and Chris, two leaders of Movember at Socrata, take a moment to celebrate.

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