Meet the New Data Bosses

December 10, 2018 6:04 am PST | Data as a Service

Certain leaders, in key positions, light a spark in government.

They’re intent on discovering new ways to drive innovation, improve services, and operate government more efficiently.

This was a big year for hiring and internal promotions across the government data space — where these C-suite data roles are still relatively new within governments. Meet the new movers and shakers who are leading data programs in government organizations across the U.S., and lighting a spark in government.


Big Changes Among City Leadership

Mike Sarasti, Miami

In the past year, an increasing number of cities added, for the first time ever, the roles of chief data officer, chief innovation officer, and chief technology officer. It’s a shift brought on by state’s response to new developments and technological innovations.

Atlanta hired Gary Brantly as chief information officer, and the city of Carlsbad, California, hired David Graham as its first-ever chief innovation officer.

Dallas hired government tech veteran Hugh Miller as chief information officer, and the city embarked on a search earlier this year for a chief innovation officer.

Kansas City hired David Evans as chief information officer.

Louisville, Ky., hired Chris Seidt as director of information technology. The city was named a first-place finisher in the 2018 Government Experience Awards.

In Florida, the city of Miami promoted Michael Sarasti to Citywide Director of Innovation and Information Technology — read more about Sarasti’s work in innovation in Miami and Pennsylvania Apply Lean to Performance Management.

Kelly Jin, New York City

New York City hired Kelly Jin as chief analytics officer and director of the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, Samir Saini as Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, and Laura Negrón as chief privacy officer — that’s a role that’s increasingly common. Dig into why many cities are now adding the role of chief privacy officer to their organization.

Paul Alley, Seattle

The city of Riverside, California, hired George Khalil as chief information security officer.

San Francisco promoted Krista Canellakis to CIO.

The city of Seattle hired Paul Alley as its open data manager.

St. Louis hired Robert Gaskill-Clemons as its first-ever chief technology officer, and promoted Cindy Riordan to chief information officer.

Washington, D.C., hired Barney Krucoff as its first-ever chief data officer. Krucoff’s role is in an interim capacity.


New Leadership for County Governments

Dessa Gypalo, Cook County
Brian Ganley, Ventura County

Cook County, Illinois, made two big new additions to its staff recently: Dessa Gypalo joined as the county’s first-ever chief data officer and Tom Lynch as chief information officer.

King County, Washington, named Tanya Hannah as chief information officer, after previously serving in an interim capacity.

Oakland County, Michigan, hired Bridget Kravchenko as chief information security officer. The county was named a first place finisher in the 2018 Government Experience Awards.

In Ventura County, California, Brian Ganley was hired as chief of IT services — previously, he served as chief information officer for the Los Angeles Police Department.


States Bring on New Data Officers

Along with cities, a major position many state governments hired for in 2018 was chief data officer. Six states and commonwealths hired CDOs:

In Arkansas, Jennifer Davis became the state’s chief privacy officer, while in Indiana, Ted Cotterill took over the role.

Solomon Adote, Delaware

Delaware hired Solomon Adote as chief security officer, after Adote previously worked for the state’s Department of Technology and Information from 2003 to 2006.

Illinois hired Kevin Parker as chief information officer of its Department of Innovation and Technology and Shanna Rahming as chief strategy officer.

Missouri hired Mike Cheles as chief information officer.

Montana Department of Revenue hired Tim Bottenfield as chief information officer.

Beth Simone Novek

The state of New Jersey hired Beth Simone Novek as chief innovation officer, Carrie Parikh as chief operating officer/chief data and privacy officer, and Christopher Rein as chief technology officer.

Nevada hired Michael Dietrich as chief information officer.

Stephanie Dedmon, Tennessee

Tennessee promoted Stephanie Dedmon as chief information officer.

Washington state hired Jim Weaver as chief information officer.


A broadly successful government data program requires a team effort. Read the field guide Assemble a Winning Team to learn more.

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