Socrata Supports Open LIVES Standard for Health Inspection Data

February 12, 2013 11:10 am PST | Data as a Service

By Chris Metcalf


Socrata is excited to announce its support for the Local Inspector Value-Entry Specification (LIVES) health inspection data standard.

The open standard was created as a collaboration between New York City, San Francisco, and Yelp, as a standardized way of representing the relationship between restaurants, health inspections that have been performed by city officials on those restaurants, and issues that have been discovered during those inspections.

Yelp will be integrating health inspection data into their restaurant listings, allowing citizens to make informed choices about where they choose to shop and eat.

Now, with the release of Socrata Health Feeds, part of Socrata Labs, Socrata customers can now make their health inspection data automatically available for consumers of LIVES data feeds, such as Yelp. Example feeds are already available from the cities of San Francisco, California and Austin, Texas. 

Do you want your city’s health inspection data available on Yelp, too? Contact us and mention “LIVES” in the “Comment” box. Your request will be routed to me, Chris Metcalf, and I’ll make sure informed about how to move the effort forward.

Socrata Labs is a new initiative from Socrata to drive innovation in open data through the creative use of standardized data formats, APIs, and other technologies.

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