Let Data Help You Celebrate Eat Outside Day

August 24, 2018 7:37 am PST | Data as a Service

Nearly every day of the year, there’s a fun, commemorative day to celebrate — and thanks to the internet and social media, it’s hard to miss these occasions. On October 5th, for instance, you can celebrate Do Something Nice Day by being kind. And, throughout March, bring an umbrella with you absolutely everywhere to mark National Umbrella Month.

Next up on the calendar: Eat Outside Day, which lands on Friday, August 31st.

No celebration could be easier in August’s bright, sunny weather — all you’ll need to do is head outside and find some food. If you need a hand finding a good location to celebrate this delightful holiday, public data sites can help. Cities around the world, from Australia’s Caloundra to Edmonton in Canada, have public datasets to help you locate parks and public grills, concession stands and cafes, and more.


7 Datasets to Help You Eat Outdoors

1. Find a Public Grill in Seattle’s Parks

map of seattle's public grills

Seattleites who want to host a bbq with friends but don’t have a backyard, take heart: plenty of the city’s parks have public grills, free for anyone to use. Choose from locations in Capitol Hill, Fremont, West Seattle, and beyond.

2. People Watch from a Chicago Sidewalk Cafe

map chicago street cafes

One of the great joys of big city life is watching passersby. In Chicago, restaurants with permits for outside seating can serve customers from March through December. Click any dot on the map to expand the view and see a multitude of outdoor eating options.

3. Scope Out Picnic Tables in Edmonton

Edmonton picnic tables map

Picnic along the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton with the help of the city’s picnic table dataset, which has the location of all public tables in park maintenance sites.

4. Get Brunch or Dinner at a Sidewalk Café in NYC

NYC sidewalk cafe data

More than 1,500 restaurants in New York City have applied for a license to operate a sidewalk cafe. See restaurants’ status (updated weekly), and make a reservation at one of many spots with an issued permit.

5. Find Outdoor Barbeques in Australia’s Sunshine Coast

sunshine coast public barbeque

There are more than 800-square miles in the Sunshine Coast, but not all public, outdoor barbeques are distributed evenly. Head to coastal parks for the most plentiful grilling opportunities. 

6. Visit a Parklet in San Francisco

San Francisco Parklet

First you might be wondering: What’s a parklet? Nearly a decade ago, San Francisco allowed communities to extend the sidewalk, transforming it into a parklet, or small space with seats or art or plants — or just a spot to park a bike. See the location of all the parklets in the city.

7. Grab a Hot Dog — or Waffle or Taco — from NYC’s Concession Stands

NYC concession stands

Since 2011, New York City has shared data on the 500+ concession stands throughout the city. You’re never far from a hot dog cart, of course, but you can also bike to Red Hook to have Mexican food at the soccer fields or grab falafel in Harlem.

Does your city have outdoor data you’d love to share? We’re here to help: Get in touch, and let’s talk about how to publish and promote your dataset.

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