How IoT Is Reshaping Government

January 30, 2017 12:00 pm PST | Data as a Service
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Teresa Carlson has been named among Washingtonian’s 100 Most Powerful Women and 100 Top Tech Leaders. Since starting the public sector business of Amazon Web Service (AWS) in 2010, she has driven the business’ growth, which today accounts for over 2,300 government, 7,000 education, and 22,000 nonprofit/nongovernmental organization customers, and a vast partner ecosystem around the world. On Tuesday, March 7, she’ll join us at Socrata Connect to speak about Innovation in the Cloud

Teresa Carlson

Bridging the gap between governments and cutting-edge technology is no small feat, and Teresa Carlson is one of the key innovators making it happen. As the Vice President of the Worldwide Public Sector for AWS, Carlson acts as an advisor to Amazon Public Policy on global policy issues and oversees strategy and business development.

Carlson is excited about the way AWS Public Sector cloud enables technologies like Socrata to tap into the Internet of Things (IoT) globally.

“If you think about vertical markets like justice and public safety, transportation and health, all those touch across every aspect of public sector and IoT is really big in this business,” she said during an interview on theCube. “By 2020, they think there will be over 30 billion data points coming from IoT devices. If you think about that, a lot of that will come from the public sector space.”

Over 1,000 police departments are already using CrimeReports to pinpoint crime across the city and increase transparency. “Because of AWS and serverless computing, it’s very cheap and easy to use and these applications are quick to be built.”

What’s next for AWS? Carlson notes that she’s focused on K-12 tech education as well as setting the stage for more diversity in technology. “You’re going to see a big focus on women in tech and diversity in tech from my team,” she said.

Hear more from Teresa Carlson at Socrata Connect.

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