Introducing: King County Performance

December 15, 2015 10:42 am PST | Effective Governing

King County, Washington, in partnership with Socrata, recently launched King County Performance. The data-driven dashboard helps inform policy decisions and gives citizens access to understand and evaluate progress in four executive priority areas:

  • Best-run government, including voter turnout and customer service response times
  • Equity and social justice, including graduation and unemployment rates
  • Climate change, including green building and recycling rates
  • Regional mobility, including average bus passengers and hours spent in peak traffic

“The usual approach in government is to fund the same programs that were funded the year before. That approach funds effort. Our strategic plan says: focus on the results that the public wants, then focus on the efforts that deliver those results,” said Dow Constantine, King County Executive.

The launch of King County Performance is a huge step forward for increased transparency and accountability. Previously, the county produced companion reports to their annual budget and created PDF performance scorecards.

Charts are easy to understand and may be updated as new data becomes available.
Charts are easy to understand and may be updated as new data becomes available.

In addition to tracking topics within the four priority areas, shares additional indicators and operational performance measures. In just a few clicks, site visitors can dig into the topics that matter most to them, evaluate progress, and learn what the county is doing to achieve their goals.

Learn what you can do with Socrata Open Performance, and set up a meeting to find out more.

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