[Infographic] 2014 Socrata State of the Union

November 4, 2014 9:31 am PST | Data Apps & Visualization, Data as a Service

Socrata powers an incredible amount of open data platforms across the world. In reality success for any open data initiative is more than just the amount of data stored. Stored data is useless unless there is someone engaging with it. Citizens, journalists, or researchers can use the data to answer questions, while developers access the data for civic applications. The real potential of data is how it drives engagement. Because engagement is one of the most important metrics we can measure about open data, we are pleased to release the 2014 Socrata State of the Union infographic. This infograpic shows the amount of engagement the Socrata platform drives.


As we saw in the 2014 Socrata Benchmark Report, open data is a growing movement. The core growth factors we have seen in the Socrata platform also help to illustrate the strong future of open data. Reach and engagement are baseline indicators and growth in these areas show the importance of making data accessible and available to citizens, journalists, and researchers. Reuse is also an important measurement of how many API requests are served up by Socrata, which showcases how developers make civic applications to impact the lives of us all. The infographic also highlights the sheer volume of data being stored in and retrieved from the Socrata platform.

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