How Virginia Beach Makes Data Work For Residents

February 1, 2017 10:31 am PST | Effective Governing
Photo: Virginia Beach

Imagine serving a community where the vast majority of residents are satisfied with the city services they receive. In Virginia Beach, that’s a reality in large part due to the local government’s deep-rooted commitment to using data to improve services, offer greater transparency, and communicate directly with residents.

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Virginia Beach proactively shares budget, performance, and other high value datasets online for citizens and city council members. The city incorporates transparency and accountability into existing city efforts, such as the 2040 Vision and the recently formed Strategy, Transparency, Innovation and Resiliency Office. Among other benefits, these actions have led to a decline in FOIA requests. For its commitment to making data work for citizens, Virginia Beach has been recognized as a What Works City (2016), Digital Cities Survey winner (2016), and Center for Digital Government’s Best of the Web (2009, 2005, 2003).

Read more about Virginia Beach in our latest case study and register for Socrata Connect to catch Virginia Beach’s Catheryn Whitesell live on the main stage.

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