Highlights from Transform Newsletter, August 12, 2015

August 12, 2015 7:00 am PST | Data as a Service

A can’t-miss webinar for anyone launching a new open data project, a fascinating look at why Kansas City’s government put out a call for artists, and the first in our series of conversations with open data rockstars are just some of the big stories from this week’s issue of Transform. Read on for highlights from the issue.

Waldo Jaquith tells all: In this frank interview, Waldo Jaquith, Director of the U.S. Open Data Institute, opens up about his day-to-day work, favorite open data app, and where he thinks the open data community should be turning its attention. Read the full interview with this open data thought leader.

Get attention on launch day: If an open data initiative launches, but the community and media are unaware, the impact is diminished. Got a launch coming up? Join Socrata’s Product Analyst Clare Zimmerman and Senior Program Manager Robin Rosenberg as they talk about the best practices to promote your open data launch, shape the message, and spur citizen engagement. Watch the webinar.

Engaging new audiences: Open data is many things, from the serviceable to the intriguing. And, as Kansas City, Missouri, has discovered, data is also capable of great beauty. After an open call to artists, Kansas City’s Art of Data exhibit put datasets on display, with artistic creations ranging from wearable art to zines to paintings. Watch a video about the exhibit.



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