Halifax Encourages Healthy Competition with Open Data App Contest

October 2, 2013 2:00 pm PST | Data as a Service

Apps4Halifax – an ongoing open data app contest launched by the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) of Nova Scotia, Canada – is getting citizens involved in the government’s efforts towards greater data transparency and civic innovation.

The contest began in August 2013 with initial idea submissions. They ranged from a “Hike Halifax” app to a map of “Fuel Pump Locations.” It moved to official app submissions and a hackathon in early September. In order to be considered for a prize, apps must incorporate at least one of the 17 datasets released earlier this year through HRM’s Open Data Pilot Project. Additionally, developers are encouraged to use any and all publicly available data sources.

Apps can focus on any of several categories, including recreation, public safety, environmental issues, and public transit. More than 250 ideas have been submitted, with the majority (150+) falling into the “Your City” category.


A public vote begins in December for the “People’s Choice” winners and a panel of judges will be assembled to evaluate the app submissions on accessibility, usability, creativity, and number of community votes received. Winners will receive cash prizes of up to $5,000 and will be publicly recognized at a ceremony in mid-January 2014.

To stay up to date on the contest or to participate, visit the Apps4Halifax site or follow HRM on Twitter @hfxgov.

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