GovFinder Hits the Windows Phone Store

October 31, 2013 11:37 am PST | Data Apps & Visualization, Data as a Service

By Patrick Hasseries


GovFinder, Socrata’s free city data app for Windows 8, just went mobile. It is now available for Windows Phones, as promised when we announced its release in the Windows 8 app store at the beginning of October.

The phone version includes the same great services and interface as GovFinder for tablets and PCs. Users can access useful city data, from locations for public health clinics to neighborhood crime rates. They can also leave comments for other users about specific locations and pieces of data.

In addition to GovFinder’s standard services, the phone version includes two major bonus features: the user’s location is automatically updated with the phone’s GPS and users can receive notifications about data changes in their area.

“GovFinder for Windows Phone alerts users when changes occur to datasets relevant to their location,” says Ben McInnis, Socrata Director of Product Management. “For example, if a dataset updates the hours of a city park, GovFinder will send a notification to users who live nearby.”

GovFinder currently covers the cities of New York, Chicago, and Edmonton (Alberta), with more areas to come. As users continue to provide feedback, the app may also become available for other devices and app platforms.

Check out GovFinder today. Download it for your Windows 8 device or Windows Phone.

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