Go Code Colorado Spurs Civic App Development

March 18, 2014 12:24 pm PST | Data as a Service

By Alida Moore


If you are in Colorado this weekend, you might notice a distinct feeling of innovation and excitement in the air. Don’t panic; the palpable energy in the air is to be expected and is a direct result of civic developers, passionate entrepreneurs, and dedicated citizens gathering at Go Code Colorado, a statewide apps challenge created to make the State’s open data more accessible and useful. Socrata is excited and honored to be a sponsor of Go Code Colorado.

Athlan Lathan, Client Success Manager at Socrata, will be attending the event. Lathan looks forward to seeing the apps that come out of the weekend, saying, “Socrata is fortunate to have customers like Colorado who encourage and facilitate opportunities for civic developers to find innovative new ways to better serve citizens.”

Lathan will be joined by Jordan Gilbertson, Data Solutions Architect. “An event like Go Code is a great opportunity for citizens to involve themselves in improving government,” says Gilbertson. “When a government puts its data in the hands of its citizens, as Colorado is doing with Go Code, those citizens are empowered and feel recognized for their talent and input. It’s a way for the state to say, ‘Hey, let’s work together to strengthen our economy, create some apps, and have some fun.'”

Go Code participants will create apps to address the following five challenges:

  1. Business site location
  2. Competitive landscape
  3. Access to capital
  4. Higher education resources
  5. Business partners

These challenges have been chosen to align the ultimate mission of Go Code: to strengthen the economy, recognize the talents of citizens, and make public data easy accessible to users. 

Go Code events will happen across the state to help make it easier for citizens to participate in this change-making weekend.  Teams will be formed onsite at each location, according to personal interest and alignment with the five challenge statements. 

  • Be bold in Boulder. Hosted by Rally Software — #GoCodeBldr
  • Code in Colorado Springs. Hosted by Epicentral Coworking — #GoCodeCoS
  • Develop in Denver. Hosted by SendGrid — #GoCodeDen
  • Design in Durango. Hosted by Durango Space — #GoCodeDgo
  • Find solutions in Fort Collins. Hosted by OtterBox — #GoCodeFoCo

Two winning teams will be chosen as finalists at each event. Each team will take its app to the final competition on May 9th in Denver, Colorado, where the winners will be chosen and celebrated.


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