Game Changers: 2013 Digital Cities Survey Winners Announced

November 12, 2013 8:00 am PST | Data as a Service, Effective Governing

By Alida Moore


The winners of the 2013 Digital Cities Survey were announced last week, and we are proud and excited to see six cities using Socrata’s open data platform are on the list. Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Raleigh, and Seattle each made the list because of their dedication and commitment to promoting civic engagement by providing accurate, accessible data to their citizens. 

The 13th Annual Digital Cities Survey was coordinated by the Center for Digital Government. It recognized the strongest players in the open data movement, taking into account each city’s: 

  • Progress on information and communication technology practices made over the past year
  • Return on investment
  • Demonstrated ability to innovate and leverage creative practices

Todd Sander, Executive Director of CDG, spoke to about the importance of technology to improve civic engagement and government services, saying, “Cities that are investing in technology are seeing huge cost savings that are critical to operations and their ability to meet higher demand for services.”

According to Sander, cities who are driving the gold standard in open data received high consideration. “Priority was given to open government initiatives that promoted transparency and open data, mobility, finance management, staffing, connectivity, cybersecurity, shared services, cloud computing, disaster recovery, and the use of virtualization techniques,” Sander says. “These cities are true innovators and we applaud them as they work in the spirit of collaboration to provide extraordinary value to constituents, despite budget setbacks.”

The survey categorized winners by population, from fewer than 75,000 residents all the way up to more than 250,000 citizens. The following seven cities use the Socrata Open Data Portal. 

  • Austin, TXThe Texas state capitol city has long been a leader in the open data movement, from using data to encourage civic involvement to participating in the Code for America fellowship program to foster innovation and progress.
  • Baltimore, MD: Baltimore combined data from 21 different government agencies into a single open data portal, transforming how the city manages resources.
  • Boston, MA: The home of the Red Sox uses open data to express its core values: transparency, participation, collaboration, and service delivery.
  • Chicago, ILChicago’s open data portal exists to promote access to government data, as well as spur the creation and development of tools designed to serve the people of the city.
  • Raleigh, NC: Open Raleigh encourages citizens to use available datasets to learn more about the city and tell their stories with available visualization tools.
  • Seattle, WAThe Emerald City’s open data site exists to streamline citizen access to datasets generated by various government departments and encourage the creation of apps using Socrata’s API. 

The City of Los Angeles also made the list. Their new open data site, Control Panel L.A., powered by Socrata, recently launched. 

Congratulations to these and all winners of the 2013 Digital Cities Survey. We look forward to seeing what you accomplish in 2014. 




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