Gainesville, Florida Announces Inaugural Hoggetowne Hack

February 20, 2014 1:45 pm PST | Data as a Service
Hoggetown Hack


This Saturday, February 22nd, Gainesville’s Innovation Academy Team is hosting Hoggetowne Hack, Gainesville’s first public hackathon, in coordination with International Open Data Day. Over 70 local developers, coders, and analysts have pre-registered to compete in an app development challenge, with over $2,750 in cash prizes and other surprises for the top performers to be awarded.

The City of Gainesville, Florida is using technology to promote open government and transparency. Using open data as a tool for innovation, the City has embarked on several paths towards improved efficiency and effectiveness through creative strategies. As support to the City Commission’s strategic initiative Government 2.0, staff recently launched Gainesville’s Open Data Portal under the sponsorship of Commissioner Lauren Poe. The portal features datasets that align with the City Commission’s strategic goals, including Economic Development & Redevelopment, Environment & Energy, and Infrastructure & Transportation.

Similarly, a cross-functional group of City staff were chosen to form an Innovation Academy Team and join an inaugural working group of seven other government organizations across the nation to participate in the Academy and be mentored by the Alliance for Innovation. Gainesville’s team seeks to encourage innovation in order to positively impact the way the City provides services to its citizens and/or functions as an organization, aiming to improve effectiveness and efficiency through the implementation of innovative ideas.

The Team has identified potential projects that could be solved through the development of a web or mobile application and are also welcoming the free flow of project ideas from hackers themselves.

Although this is a one day competition, the Team intends to spur ongoing interest in Gainesville’s Open Data Portal and seeks to cultivate a culture of innovative problem solving with the help of our community. 

For more information, check out the website and tweet the hashtag #HoggetowneHack.

Photo courtesy of City of Gainesville
Photo courtesy of City of Gainesville


Photo courtesy of City of Gainesville
Photo courtesy of City of Gainesville



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