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April 26, 2016 12:00 pm PST | Data News Roundup

This week in open data news, the White House and law enforcement officials came together to unlock public safety data and Presidential Innovation Fellows look for ways to help close the gender pay gap. Read about all this and more in this week’s Open Data Download:

Police Chiefs: ‘There is nothing to fear’ about White House open data initiative

“Police departments participating in the White House’s Police Data Initiative want other agencies considering joining the movement to open up their data to know that there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain from becoming more transparent.” Get the full download.

Presidential Innovation Fellows Want Public to Hack the Pay Gap

“A group of tech-minded govies is asking the public to build tools and products on top of government data — and help to close the gender pay gap. The Presidential Innovation Fellows, the Commerce Department and the White House’s Council on Women and Girls launched an effort Tuesday called Hack the Pay Gap. They’re calling on Americans to use a recently released open data tool to create new ways to explore answers to gender inequality.” Get the full download.  

Pennsylvania Announces Open Data Portal

“Pennsylvania is renewing its commitment to transparency. On April 18, Gov. Tom Wolf, who assumed office in January, signed an executive order to create an open data portal. The new portal is mandated to contain downloadable, machine-readable data, a feature not offered by the state’s existing transparency site called PennWATCH. The state Office of Administration is also mandated to help agencies find their most valuable data sets.” Get the full download.

Making Data-Driven Government Fundamental and Sustainable in City Halls

“On Tuesday, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg welcomed the approximately 200 What Works Cities participants to his city, where he served three terms in office. While there’s a new mayoral administration at New York City Hall, Bloomberg’s interest in the nuts and bolts of how municipal governments operate continues, but the scope has shifted to the rest of the nation.” Get the full download.

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