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August 4, 2016 12:00 pm PST | Data News Roundup

In just two years, the number of countries whose governments are sharing open data has more than doubled, according to a new report from the United Nations. A new survey identifies the most digital counties throughout the U.S. and the Government Accountability Office raises concerns about agencies’ ability to adhere to DATA Act deadlines. Read this week’s Open Data Download for more on these stories, and other important headlines.

Number of countries embracing open government surges

“The number of countries providing open access to government data has more than doubled in the past two years, according to figures released in a new report from the United Nations. The report, the latest in a series of biannual surveys documenting the evolution of electronic government globally, found that 106 out of 193 member countries now make open government data catalogues, or data sets, available to the public, up from 46 countries in 2014.” Read more from FedScoop.

GAO: OMB, Treasury Don’t Monitor DATA Act Enough

“Federal agencies may not comply with financial transparency laws if they’re not tracked closely, a watchdog report finds. The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, often called the DATA Act, directs federal agencies to start making their spending data public and easily accessible by May 2017. The Office of Management and Budget and the Treasury Department have been tasked with overseeing that act’s implementation but haven’t fully documented agency progress, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.” Read more from NextGov.

Three California IT Projects Named Finalists for National Award

“Three state of California technology projects have landed on a national list of 37 finalists for the annual State IT Recognition Awards from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO).” Read more from

New playbook trying to make performance metrics more than just a compliance exercise

“The Performance Improvement Council is trying to bring together tools and people to take better advantage of technology and data. Many agencies struggle with collecting, managing, sharing, verifying and analyzing complex performance data despite the fact that the Government Performance and Results Act Modernization Act (GPRAM) requires this type of data-driven approach. Kate Josephs, the outgoing executive director of the Performance Improvement Council, said the website is an example of these challenges.” Read more from Federal News Radio.

5 Traits of the Future of Civic Innovation

“For those who might have missed Abhi Nemani, the city of Sacramento, Calif.’s interim chief innovation officer, give his thoughts on the future of civic innovation last week at a downtown meetup — he’s posted his observations for all to see….Here are five standout snippets from Nemani’s work.” Read more from GovTech.

Examining America’s Most Digital Counties of 2016 (Infographic)

“Each year, the Digital Counties Survey measures performance and innovation using technology. Run by e.Republic’s Center for Digital Government, the 2016 survey looked at the tech goals and initiatives in hundreds of counties throughout the U.S. to identify those that offer the best examples of how IT is used to support and provide public service. This year, 55 counties are being recognized for how they value technology, empower their IT leaders, and use new ideas to improve internal and public-facing services.” Read more from GovTech.

Seattle’s Top Ten Startup Founders Over 40

“It’s time to pull back the veil on the startup founders out there over the age of 40, and what better place to do so than fast-growing tech hub Seattle? Seattle startup founders have a great location to play in: Between Amazon and Microsoft, the Seattle tech community has been healthy for decades. Newer startups like Concur and Zillow have established themselves quickly, too. Who’s next? Here are the top ten up-and-coming Seattle startup founders over 40.” Make sure to click through to the fourth slide, featuring Socrata’s founder and CEO, Kevin Merritt. Read more from

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