Data Science and R, Plus More, at Data Camp

March 10, 2017 9:34 am PST | Data as a Service

At the final day of Socrata Connect, data analysts, program managers, CDOs, performance directors, and others gathered for a day of education with the Socrata staff. The event, which happens every year, is called Data Camp and it lets people share their best practices and big ideas when it comes to digital data sharing.

This year, Data Camp featured topics like “Introduction to Data Science & R,” “Metadata 101: What Is It? Why Is It Meaningful?,” and “How to Set Data Priorities and Create Your Publishing Roadmap.” 

The following are highlights from the day:

“We’re talking about the City of Memphis. We’ve all worked there at one time or another. It’s a great place.” – Robyn Mace, City of Nashville Chief Data Officer

City of Memphis Performance Strategist Craig Hodge, Nashville Chief Data Officer Robyn Mace, and City of Memphis Director of the Office of Performance Management Jennifer Grouse chat during lunch at Data Camp.

“Data Camp has been very, very helpful. I’ve been with Baltimore city for 15 years, and from the technical side, recently we’ve been giving open data a face life. Our metadata was a mess, we have lots of datasets, and it’s not easy to update data manually. In fact, I hate manually uploading data. We’re using an API to extract data. Today in Data Camp I learned about Pentaho which we can use for ETLs and am really looking forward to using that instead of having to manually upload data. We want to automate over 100 data sets.” – Gabriel Njinimbot, Data Manager from the Baltimore Mayor’s Office

“What we’re doing at the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission is unique. We’ve put our data in the Socrata Open Data portal. Our data needs to be public data and we need to present it as is. The Open Data Portal is a little advanced for some of our users so we’ve found a lot of visualizations that Socrata has put on top of data sets makes a big difference.

“We’re trying to meet the needs of our different users. The goal for this conference has been able to come up with a middleground and Data Camp has helped with that. The Data R class was really interesting. We may be able to implement that, it depends on how much we want to do ourselves. Something really helpful for me today was the ‘API Ask Me Anything’ with Chris Metcalf. I asked him lots of questions about APIs that will help us create a solution. There’s not a lot of open source applications out there that do what we’re after, but we can potentially create that with Socrata’s API. –Kyle Velduizen, Web Developer, Washington State Public Disclosure Commission 

“Data Camp is great because it’s not just providing a tool, it’s teaching us how to use it.” – Beth Mitchell, Salt Lake County Director of Performance and Innovation

Salt Lake County’s Associate Division Director for Planning and Development Brittany Allen and the Director of Performance and Accountability Beth Mitchell catch up at Data Camp.

For more highlights from Socrata Connect, check out our Socrata Twitter feed or search on #SocrataConnect.

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