#DataNews: A Hack Night Anniversary, Open Data Policy Feedback, & Reducing Homelessness

June 15, 2017 11:00 am PST | Data News Roundup

This week, mayors across the nation discussed their biggest priorities in the year ahead in their State of the City speeches, with data and technology mentioned frequently. Cities in North Carolina use data to make real-time, informed decisions on everyday occurrences like traffic jams and water line leaks, Code for San Jose marks its three-year anniversary, and four cities request public feedback on open data policy drafts. Plus, a look at how technology and data can help reduce homelessness. Read on for more of this week’s open data news.  

6 Jurisdictions Tackling Homelessness with Technology

“Public servants who work to reduce homelessness often have similar lists of challenges. The most common of these are data sharing between groups involved with the homeless, the ability to track interactions between individuals and outreach providers, and a system that makes it easier to enter information about the population. Recently, we spoke with more than a half-dozen government officials who are involved with the homeless, and while obstacles and conditions varied among cities, all agreed that their work would be much easier with better tech-based solutions for the problems cited above.” Read more from Government Technology.

Reaching the Next Level of Open Data Maturity – Arriving at Open Data 3.0

“Open data 1.0 and 2.0 are important first steps, but neither have gotten us to the point where we can make this data accessible and useful. This leads us to open data 3.0. This next phase is where organizations and constituents can use data insights to shape decision-making, whether that’s determining where to build a new interstate highway or where to build a new data center. To reach this level of open data maturity, groups need to move past making data available to making data actionable to both government and citizens. Further, it’s about making this entire process affordable and scalable, which will ensure it’s sustainable.” Read more from Inside Big Data.

120 Mayors on the Issues Facing Urban America

“In their annual State of the City addresses this year, U.S. mayors expressed their priorities for our cities–focusing on the economy and infrastructure, keeping community members safe, and investing in the future.” Read more from Fast Company.

North Carolina Cities Use Data to Improve Quality of Life

“Whether monitoring traffic counts, water and air quality or water lines for leaks, sensors and other evolving technologies are increasingly being used by cities in the Triangle and nationwide to make more informed, real-time decisions.” Read more from Government Technology.

Hack Nights Are a Civic Good

“A lot has happened since Kalen Gallagher and I issued the call for San Jose’s first ever civic hack night on March 13, 2014….Over the past three years, Code for San Jose has brought hundreds of local developers, designers, government staff and community members together at over 90 civic hack nights, 2 open data jams and 3 National Days of Civic Hacking. Our volunteers have built apps that helps the library track of free summer meals, map local neighborhood associations, and visualize economic indicators. Our policy team has educated elected officials about the value of open data, beta-tested open data portals for the VTA (county transportation authority) and City of San Jose, and celebrated the adoption of open data policies by the same agencies.” Read more on Medium.

Cities Turn to Public Input to Shape Open Data Policy

“In recent weeks, four cities have begun to actively solicit public input as they draft or hone open data policies — a practice that government transparency advocates hope could one day grow from the niche realm of open data into a routine part of all lawmaking practices.” Read more from Government Technology.

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