Data Academy Launches New Government Data Training

November 20, 2018 7:36 am PST | Data as a Service
Socrata Data Academy has partnered with Washington, D.C.-based Data Society.

Socrata Data Academy, the nationwide initiative to teach government decision-makers and analysts how to apply data to solve problems, is partnering with Washington, D.C.-based data science training company, Data Society.  

This partnership provides robust data training for government knowledge workers on how to glean important insights from data. Courses are designed for seasoned analysts looking to develop skills in machine learning, as well as newcomers to data analysis. 

We have faith in the power of government employees to transform their institutions from the inside out. We believe that with  a little bit of training, government employees are in the best position to make our public institutions more responsive to residents’ rising expectations.


The Partnership

Socrata Data Academy is an offering of Tyler Technologies Inc. Data & Insights Division. Through the Data Academy-Data Society partnership, attendees can participate in live workshops and online training. We designed these courses to empower the government workforce to harness data to drive better outcomes, identify innovative solutions, and create an entrepreneurial culture. 

Data Society CEO Merav Yuravlivker, who is taking part in a three-part Data Academy webinar series, said the partnership brings data literacy and data-driven decision making to government. Better yet, these practical trainings empower civil servants to decrease costs and better serve the public.


Data Academy Courses

In addition to the on-site Data Academy workshops — which train staff, program leads, and executives in developing and accelerating data programs — with this partnership, Data Academy will offer three of Data Society’s on-site courses. The full suite of Data Academy classes includes: 

  • Data Retreat: This two-day workshop improves data literacy and creates organizational momentum across departments on the value of data to address important challenges.
  • How to Lead with Data: Learn specific strategies to leverage data to lead smarter, more strategic, and more responsive public organizations.
  • Analytics Accelerator: Jumpstart your analytics programs by helping program managers, leaders, and knowledge workers identify key stakeholders, users, data, resources, and deliverables for home run projects.
  • Supercharging Government Intelligence with Excel: A two-day introduction to the basics of data analysis using Excel 
  • Introduction to R Programming for Government Analytics: A three-day intermediate class on leveraging R, the fastest growing open source statistical language for government analytics. The class covers data transformation and visualization using the tidyverse and the ggplot2 package. 
  • Data Science and Machine Learning for Government Decision-Making: A three-day advanced course on using R for training and deploying predictive models. 

Join our three-part Data Academy webinar series to learn how to put public employees at the center of your government’s data strategy.

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